Frequently Asked Questions

  • What Is Cash for Cars?

Cash for cars is a fast and convenient way of selling your vehicle by being paid ‘Instant Cash’ on the spot. We take the usual time and hassle that comes with selling your car and provide a ‘Same Day’ Cash for Cars service that gets you the offer you want, fast.


  • What Condition Does My Car Have to Be for You to Buy It?

We pay top dollar for vehicles in any condition.

This includes:

• Old  • Scrap  • Damaged  • Wrecked  • Junk  • Accident  • Weather Damaged  • And Much More

• Are Your Car Removals Really Free?

Certainly! We offer Free Car Removals all throughout Hobart which are available whenever we purchase your vehicle, or you want to get rid of your unwanted car.


  • Do You Only Accept Cars? What About Other Vehicles?

Hobart Cash for Cars buys and removes vehicles of all types, sizes and weights, not just cars. Our advanced tow trucks can handle any vehicle with ease.

Some vehicles we often purchase include:

• Cars  • Trucks  • Buses  • SUVs  • Four-Wheel Drives  • Vans  • Minivans

• Buses  • Utes  • Motorbikes  • Scooters  • Boats  • Scrap Metal  • Heavy Machinery


  • How Much Can I Expect for My Car?

It depends on quite a few factors, but you can expect up to $9,999 Instant Cash for your vehicle. Your vehicle’s condition will have a lot to do with the vehicle’s Cash for Cars offer.


  • What are Instant Quotes?

We provide ‘Instant Quotes’ over the phone or online without needing to first inspect your vehicle in person. These can be provided for within minutes. we’ll first ask for some details about your vehicle such as:

• Condition  • Make  • Model  • Size  • Weight   • Age   • Number of Kilometres Driven


  • What Happens to My Car After My Free Car Removal?

Your unwanted vehicle will be towed and taken to our Auto Recycling Facility. From here, it will be wrecked for its auto parts which will be recycled, repurposed and reused. This is highly eco-friendly and also aids in the more sustainable production of other vehicles.


  • What Car Brands Do You Accept?

We accept all car brands and don’t bend our Cash for Cars offers based on any preferences. Our offers are honest and accurate.

Some of the brands we often purchase include:

• Ford  • Toyota  • Mitsubishi  • Nissan  • Audi  • Kia

• Holden  • Suzuki  • Subaru  • Mazda  • Hyundai  • Honda


  • What Do I Need to Bring to My Cash for Cars Service?

We can handle the paperwork, simply bring your photo ID (such as your passport or driver’s license), proof of ownership and remove your registration plates. We can help you with the latter.


  • Can I Deliver My Car Myself?

Of course! You are more than welcome to drive your unwanted vehicle to us if it is still roadworthy. You might even receive an extra $50 or so for your efforts.


  • How Can I Get Top Cash for Cars Today?

Contact Hobart Cash for Cars today for a quote then schedule your Free Car Removal at the most convenient time for you. Our team will then arrive to pay you on the spot and then have your vehicle collected within minutes.


Contact Hobart Cash for Cars today at 0420 391 256

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