Damaged Car Removal 

Do you own any cars that are completely damaged and beyond repair? Have you lost hope for the 4WD or van you owned that can no longer be brought to life? Well then, this is probably the right time to consider selling it for a decent amount of cash. Who would buy this wreck you say? If you asked this question then you probably haven’t had the pleasure of knowing Hobart Cash For Cars yet.

damaged car removals

We are the company that will make the Damaged Car Removal process seems like a breeze to you with our incredible offers.

You can avail our unparalleled offers by giving us a call at 0420 391 256 today!

Cash For Damaged Cars made easy with Hobart Cash For Cars

Our company consists of skilled professionals that take care of all our customer’s needs. We always strive to give only our best no matter how minute the service we are offering is. Moreover, since we always strive for the complete satisfaction of our customers, we also think of every single factor that may stress out our customer during the process of Damaged Car Removal. This includes paperwork and having the car towed all the way to our location.

These are the two major factors that cause most of our customers to shy away from selling their damaged cars. The paperwork revolving around car dealings such as these can be quite intimidating and time taking and thus, act as a barrier between sales.

For this problem, we offer all our customers the ease of free, already constructed paperwork at the time of the deal. All they have to do is add their signatures to it!

Moving on to the next major complication in the customer’s eyes, having the car towed. Normally, this requires money, yes. However, with Hobart Cash For Cars, the towing services are free of cost!

In fact, we have a huge fleet of some of the best tow trucks stationed all around Hobart so that whenever you call us asking for our Damaged Car Removal services, we can be there within a short time interval.

To top it all, our team has some of the most skilled car appraisers who can tell you your car’s worth within minutes. We pay our customers with the best prices for their vehicles. For us, every component of your car, working or not, has its worth, and we make sure that you get paid for it in top dollar.

All cars are worth something for us

We do not reject cars of any make or model. We also accept cars in all conditions. With us, you cannot doubt that your car will be rejected. Whether your car is ripped apart or without an engine, we are still ready to pay you in top dollar for it! We do this because we take up the useful components of your wrecked car removal, process them in an environment friendly manner, and then have it sold to manufacturing industries that utilise those components as raw materials.

Thus, for us, cars of all brands are equally important including but not limiting to:

  • Audi
  • Volvo
  • BMW
  • Volkswagen
  • Mercedes
  • Chevrolet
  • Toyota
  • Daihatsu
  • Renault
  • Ford and many more

We are a company that provides convenience first and foremost to all our customers. You can hire our Damaged Car Removal services today. Just give us a call at 0420 391 256 and get your quote today!


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